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    SNS alert re: Artemis / GTI / heuristics....  in North America


      Just received the SNS alert suggesting customers disable artemis/GTI file detection as there are false positives due to a server outage?


      Can someone help my brain wrap around that?  How can a server issue cause GTI falses?   My best guess would be that absent a lot of checksums/known good entries somehow being available to be looked up,  some default rule which rates things unnecessarily higher risk perhaps takes over?    


      I've only seen 2 complaints or issues all day today so I plan to sit tight for the moment in the primary customer environment.    But I wanted to make sure folks who follow this forum but who aren't signed up for SNS know about it.



      McAfee has determined that Artemis/GTI File  Reputation is producing some false-positive detections in North America due  to a server issue. 

      This is not a DAT issue.

      We recommend that customers temporarily disable GTI. Please go  to KB78993 (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB78993)  for continuing updates.

      We will provide further updates on the KB site and via SNS.



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