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    unspooled messages


      In our portal in Email protection, the Overview tab has caught my attention recently. Before I saw both Spooled Messages and Unspooled Messages with 0KB. Started from last week, the Unspooled Messages has change to 598 (519.9 MB). What exactly does this mean?



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          Brad McGarr



          Think about Disaster Recovery like a spool of thread. When mail is being retained by Disaster Recovery, it is spooled. When it is released after the end server is back online, it is unspooled. This report is not in real time, so it simply indicates that in the last Disaster Recovery event we have successfully delivered all messages that were temporarily retained by Disaster Recovery.

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            Thanks Brad.


            Appareantly i am not aware of any outage, and everything is indeed working fine right now. Do you know know how long it takes to reset this report? The number is still there.



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              Brad McGarr

              The report reflects a 24 hour time frame, however the number may not reset for quite some time or even until the next DR situation. It's not anything to worry about.

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                Hi Brad,


                We have a client with a similar issue. The stats show c.1200 messages 'unspooled' although 10 messages remain 'spooled'. The mailserver has been back online for several weeks now. Can you offer any explanation as to why these spooled messages remain 'unspooled' ?

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                  Brad McGarr

                  Hi blue_cirrus,


                  I think there is some confusion as to what the terms spooled and unspooled mean.


                  Spooled refers specifically to messages that have been retained by the McAfee SaaS Disaster Recovery Module.

                  Unspooled are messages that were delivered successfully to the server after the disaster recovery incident.


                  Think of the entire process like a spool of thread or tape.


                  In the image, the right spool is Disaster Recovery / Message Continuity, and the left spool is your server. As messages are delivered to the server (left spool), the right spool unspools.


                  In your particular case, 10 messages remain spooled. The unspooled message count is statisitical only, while the spooled messages are what we would be concerned about. These are 10 messages that for some reason have not been able to deliver. I would recommend contacting the support team or partner that works with your account for further investigation. There may be an error being encountered when we attempt to deliver the messages, or something amiss with the Disaster Recovery system.


                  I hope this explanation helps!