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    Problem with installing , HELP


      I have an issue with installing Internet Security 2012 on my new computer with Windows8.

      Ive had my computer for like .. 3 months and couldnt install it right away so I tried it now and its still the same.

      When I insert the CD it pops up and loads for one minute then it says *Unable to continue installing ... Error 76566

      and I cant even click on the support link that is posted there. :/

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          Peter M

          I'm assuming that Windows 8 is up to date and the final RTM version, not any beta?  I'm also assuming you have an active Internet connection at the time of installation, that is important.


          It's possible the version of the CD software is too old for compatibility with Windows 8.  Although it is labelled 2012 it most likely has the 2011 software onboard the CD due to the time it takes to produce the media.


          Did it give an option to install online during the operation?    If so try it again using that option and if you don't already have an online account it should offer to create one for you.


          If that doesn't work then I would contact Technical Support directly, it's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page, or HERE.








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            Peter M

            I've been trying to find further references to that particular error code and had not much luck.


            I did find a reference to it occurring in Windows generally and the blame was on registry errors.   Have you been running any registry cleaners lately?   If so try the 'restore' button if there is one and then stop using them.


            You could try doing a System File Check to be sure, but be warned that will reset any non-standard modifications you may have made to the system but it wont effect any personal files etc..


            Tutorial here:  http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/3047-sfc-scannow-command-run-windows-8-a.ht ml  Option 2.








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              The above problem fixed for me, Before you install check your installation CD is limited for a specific country, if so you have to change your location in Windows.


              Try it, Good Luck..

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                Please don't install a 3 year old version - it won't protect you from the current threats.

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                  Peter M

                  Not to mention it is no longer supported and most certainly not compatible with Windows 8.

                  However the thread is old so we assume it's answered.

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