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    Automatic product deployment and DAT update based on compliance.


      Hi All.


      I have created a query that defines compliance based on Agent Version, DAT version and product Version VSE. This all works fine and through this I can manually deploy an agent ( if needed) update relevant DAT files, so the workstations become compliant.


      I was wondering if there was an automatic response to deploy agent, DAT file or VSE based on the compliance query?

      So, twice a day ( or a timescale I could configure)  I want the ePO to automatically deploy the relevant elements to workstations that are not compliant based on the query.


      I have set up a client task to run each morning to update the workstations with the relevant files (DAT, Agent ect). But some get missed off due to not being awake at the time.

      At the moment I am keeping an eye on the compliance query and updating the non compliance workstations manually. Is there a way of doing this automatically?


      I have looked at defining compliance with a server task and then an automatic response based on this however, it seems that the response I need is in client tasks not server tasks so I cannot set an automatic response.