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    Mobile Security call filtering

      I have a few questions regarding the block list options in the Call & SMS Filter. I'm sure they're simple but I would like clarification.


      Firstly, when adding a new number to the block list, and when using the "* to mean a sequence of any numbers" does that mean I place one star only after the same beginning, or do I use a * to replace all amount of numbers? So as an example if I were to block all calls from a country, would it look like this +44* or this +44*********?


      Secondly, in the Call & SMS Filter settings, there is an option to block roaming calls. What exactly does that refer to? Are they incoming and outgoing international calls? Are they ANY calls made or received when MY phone is roaming on a different network? Are they calls received from a different cell network? You get the drift.


      I am currently using a trial version, and would like to purchase a subscription but these settings are quite important to me so would like to know that they are able to do exactly what I need. Thanks in advance.

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          Thank you for getting in touch with us.


          To answer you first question, yes you can just add * after the country code to block all calls from that country eg: +44* will block all incoming and out going calls from the UK provided if the number calling you starts with +44


          If you are on roaming and you do not wish to receive any calls from a number you can add it to your yes list or no list and this will block the call while you are on roaming, this means when your mobile device shows 'R' (which generally happens when you are on roaming outside your home network) this list will kick in and block the selected calls.


          Hope this is clears your doubt if not please get back to us.




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            That's perfect, thanks a lot!