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    Endpoint Encryption ver7.0.1 not synchronizing passwords for Admin UBP


      Hello Everyone,


      we have a problem with our EEPC 7.0.1 installations.

      So in our Environment we have 2 different UBP's. 1st is for our Users that are logging in with an USB Smartcard. 2nd UBP is for our Admins, and they are using username/password authentication.

      So the Problem we are facing now is that everytime a new EEPC installation on a client has been done, all Admins are only able to login with the "initial" password that was defined in our Admins UPB.

      If the Admin now changes the password on that client, the client will remember it. But it seems that there is no syncronization to the Database, cause on all client where he didn't changed it in the PBA he has still the initial password.

      It's happening to all our Admin accounts (about 30).


      Here are some informations about our Software versions:

      ePo Server : 4.6.6

      McAfee Agent : 4.8.887



      If someone has an idea how to handle this problem, pls let us know.