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    8.8 Viruscan E-mail plugin. Does it works with Win7 & Off2013???


      Despite of official McAfee position and relative 7/1/2013 KB, I'm trying to understand if the Mcafee 8.8 Outlook E-mail plugin works in combination with Windows 7 and Office 2013.

      I tried with EICAR text file, and the behaviour of e-mail plugin seems perfect. Even when access scanner and access protection are stopped, the E-mail plugin stops the EICAR mail, and when I try to deactivate the e-mail plugin, the mail is stopped by access scanner.

      The plugin has never been stipped by Outlook, neither shows any log recording, it seems that everything is working good.


      Someone know why McAfee state that this combination does not work or have experienced specifical problems? Or is simply a precaution?


      Thanks in advance