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    translate firewall log into information




      please advice how can i learn to translate firewall log into information for the management purpose, also for making decision


      for example :


      Area    server

      Cmd     faild

      Date    Jul 21 11:31:45 2013 AST

      Domain           Flox

      Edomain          Flox

      Euid     0

      Facility failover

      Hostname        ade.kamta

      Information    +|faild|ERROR|MAJOR|FAILOVER|SERVER-4|Interrupted system call=Unable to readresponse to interface status query.

      Logid   0

      Pgid     3333

      Pid       3333

      Priority           major

      Ruid     0

      Syslog  Errors (3)

      Type    error


      how can i translate this log into information, is there any manual guide?