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    VDI mode - still getting multiple devices/GUIDs

      I've installed ePO 5 with agent 4.8 and have enabled VDI mode. I'm using Citrix Provisoning Services with a shared non persistent image.


      Perhaps I'm missing something but I thought that using VDI mode prevented duplicate GUIDs (which it does, but then so did just deleting the registry key) and duplicate devices showing in ePO?  Considering these VMs reboot at least once a day I'm soon going to end up with thousands of non-live devices showing in the console.


      I've tried doing it the old fashioned way of writing in a persistent GUID based on the computer IP address at startup but for some reason this causes the agent and the server to stop communicating.  At least with this method, my devices are managed but I have to go through and delete all the "old" devices on a daily basis.


      Is this how it should behave? If so, is there a server task I can create to auto delete the old devices?

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          Right well I've setup a system task that runs every hour that deletes duplicate systems but that deletes the latest one as well.  Searching on the forums found me this query which apparently will just delete ones that haven't communicated recently but I can't import it, it just errors so I guess there is something wrong with the formatting.


          I've removed all spaces that shouldn't be there and fixed the " which never copy properly from web to notepad but still it won't import (says corrupt or unexpected format) .




          <name language="en">Old Non Communicating Systems</name>

          <description language="en"/>

          <property name="target">EPOLeafNode</property>

          <property name="tableURI">query:table?orion.table.columns=EPOLeafNode.NodeName%3AEPOLeafN ode.LastUpdate&orion.table.order.by=EPOLeafNode.NodeName&orion.table.order=asc</ property>

          <property name="conditionURI">query:condition?orion.condition.sexp=%28+where+%28+and+%28+ duplicatedComputerName+EPOLeafNode.NodeName+%29+%28+olderThan+EPOLeafNode.LastUp date+604800000++%29+%29+%29</property>

          <property name="summaryURI">query:summary?orion.sum.query=false&orion.query.type=table.ta ble</property>



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            Im seeing the same thing.  i thought VDI mode would delete the object from epo during shutdown?

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              I'm experiencing the same behavior.. I was however able to get that query working.


              <list id="1">

                <query id="2">

                  <dictionary id="3"/>

                  <name>Old Non Communicating Systems</name>

                  <description>Lists all system names that appear in multiple System Tree locations that are older than X.</description>


                  <table-uri>query:table?orion.table.columns=EPOLeafNode.NodeName%3AEPOLeafNode.L astUpdate&amp;orion.table.order.by=EPOLeafNode.NodeName&amp;orion.table.order=as c</table-uri>

                        <condition-uri>query:condition?orion.condition.sexp=%28+where+%28+and+%28+ duplicatedComputerName+EPOLeafNode.NodeName+%29+%28+olderThan+EPOLeafNode.LastUp date+604800000++%29+%29+%29</condition-uri>

                        <summary-uri>query:summary?orion.sum.query=false&amp;orion.query.type=tabl e.table</summary-uri>



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                hmm.. looks like it's removing portions of the query.. and there is no code option.. too bad.



                Go to queries:


                Select type table, sort by System name.


                Chart: system and last communication


                Filter: System Name --> Is duplicated

                            and last communication --> Not withing the last <insert your time here> (I chose one week)


                Save it.


                Now create a server task to run this query.


                Actions, Run query --> find your query.

                Sub actions --> Delete Systems.


                I have this server task run every day.


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