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    Worst service and most dishonest company ever

      Apparently, an employee I had 15 years ago signed up for McAffee software. This has been automatically renewed for all of these years!. My bookkeeper did not know to

      question it, but now I am reviewing the bills. When I contacted MAffee, they had been sending the email notifications to a dead account but still kept charging me the $49.99 per year. They claimed that since it is an automatic renewal that's how it works. 15 years !!!! THey could never hear back from the long lost employee because the email they sent is automatic meaning no human being can see a reply nor read that the account is inactive!!!! I cannot believe that they can get away with this. How many people are paying for this automatic renewal like I did for so many years and don't know it. This should be illegal. Doesn't a company need to hear from their customers at some point or is it just MacAffee's business model to just bill bill bill bill........

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          You have already posted about this twice elsewhere and as I stated there,  I wonder why nobody bothered to check accounts in all that time?   Auto-renewal is very common across many companies and domains and the conditions are all pointed out at the time the contract is made.   One can hardly blame a company for just doing what it said it would do at that time.


          In any case your grievances are wasted here as the only people who deal with this sort of thing are Customer Service (link under McAfee Support > Home and Home Office Support at the top of this page) .  Here we deal mostly with technical issues & in this section only with corporate-focussed products.


          Customer Service will gladly refund any undue charges made in the last 60 days.


          You can turn off auto-renewal yourself or ask them to do it for you.


          You are posting in an area for Corporate product support so the accounting people never view posts here.


          It's not McAfee's fault the employee left and no-one checked what transactions he/she had made or their email accounts which would normally be a routine, or so I would have thought..


          It's very unfortunate, I realise, but I don't think you can blame McAfee for only doing in good faith what that person had agreed to in the company name.


          The process is automated so unless interrupted manually when someone checks, which you said took 15 years to happen, things carried on as if nothing was wrong.


          There's also something strange here, obviously a credit card is involved and no credit card is valid for 15 years, so someone has periodically revised those details, otherwise billing would have failed years ago.


          I can understand your shock and indignation, but in this case I feel it's misdirected.  The blame lies with a system that to me at least, appears to have sketchy self-checking and with that ex-employee perhaps for not telling you.



















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