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    EMM 10.1.3 issues with S4 android


      I have 2 users with S4's. EMM 10.1.3 forced them to use SC even though I have it set that if the phone supports encryption, it does not need SC. I have the 46734 device catalog installed which showed support for S4 (att). The users also only get contacts and email, no calendar syncing.


      Anyone have an idea? I am looking at applying 10.4 asap. And looking to upgrade to EMM 11 at some point, but that will require time and planning to update.




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          Ok so I got my test android tablet up to 4.0.4 os. Here is what I found.


          Joining the device to EMM, no email/calendar/contacts. I have to install SC to get those. I think the issue those two S4 users were having was not clicking the button in SC to swap between the calendar/inbox/contacts. I found that was a pita on my tablet and only worked 50% of the time if I pressed in the tiny correct spot. THAT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED, to a bigger button and more obvious.


          Here is what I have:


          Exchange 2003

          EMM 10.1.3

          samsung tab 7 w/ OS 4.0.4


          The tablet has and supports hardware encryption. Why are my android 4.x devices requiring SC when they support hardware encryption?

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            I am on 10.2.4 emm now, and can skip SC install @ emm join. Then have to manually enter the account info to get email/calendar/contacts. The only device now that has this issue where it has to have SC, is Moto Rzr Maxx