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    How to deny access for explicit Windows user with local stored Windows profile




      I have the following problem with EEPC 7.0.1 using with EPO 4.6.5. After deploying the EEPC on a Windows machine all users with local stored Windows profiles can logon using EEPC pre-boot authentication. That is what we configured. For instance user Anton has a local stored Windows user profile and no explicit EEPC access right configured in EPO. Anton can logon using EEPC pre-boot authentication. That’s OK in that case.


      But now I’ll try to deny access for Anton. I removed his local stored Windows profile on that PC. And I also removed the his entry on EPO in “Encryption Users” – “View Users” selected the appropriate machine.


      But this user entry of Anton appear again after some hours in EPO "Encrypted Users" on that machine! I also removed this two entries (Windows profile and "Encrypted User" entry)  again and also restarted the PC again. But after some hours Anton appear again in EPO “Encrypted Users” on that machine and he can logon! Why? How can I remove Anton to deny access on that EEPC machine?


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