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baiyf Newcomer 5 posts since
Jul 29, 2013
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Jul 29, 2013 3:40 AM

Daily Engine End of Life - Where to get Engine Updates?

Hi All, First of all thank you for helping


This KB - - says SuperDAT package is discontinued and there will not be daily engine updates.


Question: where to get Engine Updates?


This KB - - says the Engine "is put on an AutoUpdate posting. This means that your point product will automatically update to the new release."


This post - - saying "The DAT update on this day will include an additional ~3.5MB of data due to the 5600 Engine binary." seems to imply that the engine will be included in some DAT update (is it xdat?).


So - is the Engine Updates bundled with xdat? Or do we need to download it from as a separate file? The download page has only EPO version, is there a .exe executable available?



Thank you all

  • rmetzger Champion 566 posts since
    Jan 4, 2005

    Hi baiyf,


    Welcome to the forums.


    You are correct that the 'SDAT' version has been discontinued. That includes the separate .exe engine as well.


    The reason given is that the scripting language built in to the SDAT and separate .exe engine updates, are not capable of updating systems to the hotfix levels required for the 5600 engine release. However, ePO and the McAfee public update sites, naihttp and naiftp, run under the control of VSE's internal scripting language, itself which has the ability to update correctly.


    In short, no separate .exe engine updates and no SDAT containing a .exe engine updates.


    The 3.5 MB of download for the engine update is separate from the .gem files or XDAT updates that occur. That 3.5 MB only occurs on systems yet to update to the 5600 engine. And the 3.5 MB is the engine but run under VSE's internal scripting language. That 3.5 MB download needs to happen within the VSE update process or from ePO, and is not available as a separate .exe. It is not Bundled with the XDAT. The engine update is a separate update from the DAT files (.gem) but happens together with  the DAT file updates unless you or your security administrator has disable Engine Updates. To the end user, it appears to happen in a 'bundled' way.


    I wish there was a separate .exe update for the engine.


    Ron Metzger

  • thebeeg Newcomer 3 posts since
    Aug 2, 2013

    So how does one update a 'standalone' PC running VSE 8.7.0i to the 5600 engine?

  • wwarren McAfee SME 767 posts since
    Nov 3, 2009

    See KB Article KB75459


    You must be on Patch 5.

    You must have the hotfix from that KB article installed.

    Then run an update from the VSE console (or wait for the next update task to run).


    You'll need internet connection to get to our update servers where the Engine is located. If you are managing the update locations by some other means (mirror task or other non-ePO solution), you'll need to make sure the engine package is in your update repository.


    The update scripts will check that you have Patch 5, and the hotfix - if not, you won't get the engine.

    Refer to your update logs for details on what the update attempt is doing and where it may be going wrong for you.

  • thebeeg Newcomer 3 posts since
    Aug 2, 2013

    The key part of my post was "standalone" - meaning no internet connection.  All updates are solely done by sneakernet.

  • wwarren McAfee SME 767 posts since
    Nov 3, 2009

    Sorry, "standalone" just means "not managed by ePO" in my world .

    With no Internet connection, talk to Support about getting a copy of a SuperDAT that will update the system. We have a package that'll update the engine, it's just not going to be published publicly. Aaaand you'll want to make sure you can reboot after running it.... the reboot may not be necessary, but it might be also. The reboot outcome can't be predicted when user SuperDAT packages (due to its inferior logic).


    You'd then have to sneaker-net that package around to systems, but it seems you're fully prepared to do that.

  • thebeeg Newcomer 3 posts since
    Aug 2, 2013

    Yeah, I could have worded that a little better.  Thanks for the suggestion.

  • wwarren McAfee SME 767 posts since
    Nov 3, 2009

    As you mentioned in your last post - seems that Support has a SuperDAT package that updates the engine, just like the old days, except that we need to ASK for it - am I reading it correctly? If yes, will this still be the case for future engine updates?

    Unlikely. But it's possible.


    You also mentioned the SuperDAT might or might not do the job correctly - the reboot outcome can't be predicted. What if we follow the manual update described in this KB?

    Reviewing the manual steps, they look like they'll work in most cases without issue. Much like the SuperDAT would.
    You would soon know if there was an issue; i.e. files will repalce successfully, or not.

    Manual update (SuperDAT also) does not update the McAfee Agent's view of product data, so it will not know an engine update has occurred and therefore still report old data.

    If the manual update is fine (or better than the SuperDAT), is there a SuperDAT or EXE patch that does this automatically for us, so we don't have to "sneaker-net that package around to systems", manually? We really miss the .exe patch that updates the engine.

    Manual update is as good as or worse than the SuperDAT. it couldn't possibly be better, because you're doing it manually . There's no need for a different automated solution, at least not by Support since we have a package to use if need be. And we'll give it to you if needed, along with all the caveats we can think of. You are welcome however to come up with a different automated solution.

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