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    can't access download.mcafee.com



      First of all, I am not good at IT, so please forgive me if the question is considered stupid, or if the information I provide is not complete.


      A while ago I got some problems with my McAfee-software. I got the message that my computer was at risk and that McAfee could not update to the latest version.


      I went into my account via home.mcafee.com, found my subscription and chose 'Download', was directed to a site where I had to accept the terms, and click 'download' after that again. Then download.mcafaee.com tries to open, but it fails. "This page can't be displayed". That is the message I get when I am not online, but everything else is working fine.


      I am using a normal wireless connection, Windows 7 Home Premium, with Service Pack 1. Internet Explorer 10 (but with Mozilla Firefox it doesn't work either). As far as I know I don't have any other Anti-virus programs installed.


      Have uninstalled McAfee now via Control Panel, and restarted my PC, but without luck. So now my computer is unprotected and I can't install McAfee.


      If I choose "Fix connection problems" the system comes up with either DNS not available or DNS experiencing problems, but I guess this is a standard message, since all other internet traffic is going fine?


      Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!



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          Check for malware using some tools listed in the last link in my signature below.  (Say Stinger and/or Malwarebytes Free)

          Make sure all remnants of the old software are gone from Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program

          Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

          Run the VCFix tool

          Unpack that zip and use the appropriate one for your system, x86 for 32-bit, x64 for 64-bit systems.   If in doubt what you are right-click Computer on your desktop or in your Start Menu and select Properties.

          Run the  McPreinstall tool

          Go to your account and try downloading again.













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            Thanks for the quick reply.


            Unfortunately without success. It seems like the download-area of McAfee is completely blocked for me. I couldn't reach Stinger (same problem), so decided to try a restore first.


            Tried Stinger again, no luck. Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes. Tried to start up the Security Center again (because of the restore it was installed again), and right away I got the message that my computer was at risk again. Updating gave the message that there was a problem with downloading the updates. Uninstalled McAfee again, restarted, ran Malwarebytes again, restarted. Then went back to this conversation and tried the MCPR, but that directs to download.mcafee.com and that page still can't be opened. Same problem for the other McAfee-tools.


            It seems like everything is working normally, but that everything that has to do with McAfee is blocked :-(.


            Any other suggestions I can try?




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              Many malware programs have a list of security-vendor sites that they will prevent you from connecting to. I assume you can connect to Malwarebytes to get updates, but check the malware-blocking theory by trying to download something else - Microsoft Safety Scanner will be a good test. If you can download from there, maybe it's not malware. But if you can download it you may as well run it and see what it reports.

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                I could download via the link you provided. Ran a scan with that program and nothing alarming was detected.


                I really don't understand why McAfee seems to be the only site I can't download from :-/.


                Hope this rings a bell with somebody, that can help me further with this issue.

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                  Can you download in "Safe Mode with Networking" - reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and it's #2 on the menu usually?   If so "Save as" and change the name of the downloader.

                  See Malwarebytes Free and Chameleon in the last link in my signature below.


                  Or alternatively can you save the installer files to an external thumb drive using a machine that is unaffected?

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                    I tried "Safe mode with networking", but could still not reach download.mcafee.com. I don't quite understand what you are saying about Chameleon? I have downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, so then I don't need Chameleon? Or did I misinterpret?


                    Suppose I can use another machine for downloading the installation files, won't I keep the same problem that McAfee can't update as long as we haven't found the cause of the problem on this machine?

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                      No you don't need Chameleon - that's only for when malware prevents downloading MBAM.


                      It sounds to me like downloading the installation files separately wont help you.   If you don't think malware is the cause, Technical Support is free of charge, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                        Ok, thank you very much so far.


                        The weird thing is that I can't install McAfee Virtual Technician either, and when I try Live Chat (Norway) it's not possible to click on any of the options, they're both 'greyed out'. I would expect it to be possible to use the e-mail support, since that is not time restricted?


                        So I can only use Live Chat or Phone Support from another country, since I'm at work during the time Norwegian support is available?

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                          As Hayton said earlier there are infections that target anything to do with the big name antivirus companies, which is what I think you must have,  If MBAM doesn't budge it then I suggest you download Hijaxkthis or DDS and post its log as instructed lower down that last link in my signature below and see what they can suggest.

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