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    RSD 4.7 ePO 4.6.6


      Has anyone encountered an issue when you enable the RSD policy that they ePO Web UI becomes unuseable?  I have been able to narrow it down to the amount of data being sent from the systems with the RSD but i am uncertain how long this will last and what kind of additonal impact this may have to my ePO systems.

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          The amount of data? That sounds... wrong. Even with THOUSANDS of rogue sensors deployed it shouldn't be enough data to cause this.


          Have you checked the connection between SQL and ePO? Is it being interupted at all? Any IPS or firewalls stopping a flow of packets? Without knowing more (a better/longer description of "UI unusable" and "amount of data") I think I would focus on the link between these two. Failing that you should look at the load on both servers. Both memory and disk. Making sure those have lots of resources (hint -- check virtualization density) could also cause your issues.


          Post more and we'll help the best we can.

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            I am running a direct connection between the ePO server an the database server.  I have not been able to get ePO to present the login screen at this time in order to check the connection.  i have been able to confirm that a number of the server tasks which generate PDF reports are still working.  On both the ePO server and the database server the CPU is pegged at 100%.

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              Working with support and ultimately Joe Bidgood, we have been able to determine that the RSD Extensions are infact the cause of the issue however what is unclear is why and what is percipating the issue.  I hope to know more once i hear back from Joe.