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    Full Scan Takes a Long Time

      Hi, I have recently installed McAfee All Access Internet Security Version (1233) on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.8.4).


      When I ran the Full Scan, it took a very long time (over 36 hours and it was still running.  I then noticed that it was scanning also my Apple Time Capsule Backup in addition to my internal harddisk.


      I then went into the preference pane to change the setting by adding in the Exclusion panel my TimeCapsule drive from being scanned.  (By the way the TimeCapsule was connected via WiFi only yet McAfee was able to connect to it and performed the scan.)  But that did not exclude the Backup from being scanned.  I even tried to drag and drop the folder icon as well as the invididual sparsebundle folder into the exclusion list panel.  After I restarted the computer and the McAfee application, it still scans my bacakup drive.  That means it will continue to run forever.


      Can anyone help how I resolve above problem?  Otherwise I will have to abandone this software and look somewhere else.  I just cannot let it run for so long each time - minimum 36 hours and who knows when it will stop.  I can see each file name that was being scanned and it was not in a loop or anything.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ok we mods are not Mac users so unfamiliar with the software's settings in the mac version. In windows. Full scan in the windows version has no exclusion settings this only in the sceduled and custom scan settings. Is this also in your version? try setting a scheduled scan and not use the full scan option. I will ask a tech to see if he can assist you as well.Found this is the do not scan network volumes It is set as default is off so should not scan such a disk?  Ok just also read exclusions can set realtiome scanning scheduled and manual scan exclusions seems not full scans.


          Real-Time Scan: The options on this page allow you to specify when to scan in real-time (Read, Write, or Read & Write), defines what to do when an infected or suspicious file is found (Clean, Quarantine, Delete, or Notify), and allows you to enable scanning for Archives & Compressed Files, Apple Mail Messages, and Network Volumes (disabled by default to improve the speed of scanning).






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            Hi, Tony:


            Thanks for your quick reply.  The settings were made under the Preferences in which there are three panels:  1)  Real-Time Scan Settings, 2)  Scheduled and Manual Scans, and 3) Exclusions.  The last panel "Exclusions" is where I added the folders/files names for excluding from any scan.  I assume this is for either Full Scan or Scheduled / Manual scan.

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              That link above appears to say not so

              Exclusions: This page allows you to specify locations, files, and folders you want to exclude from a Real-Time, Scheduled, or Manual Scan. You can add items to the exclusions list by clicking the + sign and navigating to the location, file, or folder you want to exclude. You can use the - sign to remove items from this list, and press Reset to clear the list.


              Full scan none of the three mentioned in fact I wish the windows version had real time scanning exclusions

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                Thanks for your clarification.  I have Scheduled scan run before.  I didn't even have the Exclusion list setup in the Exclusion Panel.  Those scheduled run were set to run daily and it did not scan my Apple TimeCapsule Backup Drive.  So there was no problem with neither the Scheduled or Manual Scan.  This is also true even without the Exclusion List setup (i.e. the Exclusion panel was blank.)


                It will scan my Apple Backup Drive when I ran the Full Scan with or without the Exclusion list in the Exclusion panel.  Apparently the Full Scan ignore the Exclusion List.  Below is screen shot of this Preference Pane.

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                  That scheduled scan has network drives not selected that and or exclusions should help but Full scan is I assume what it says full and scans all connected disks. It seems that way on my windows scanning. I keep my 2tb backup disk disconnected except when backing up so that if I am unlucky to get a malware that encrypts the disks I at least have a clean backup available. Not that I will ever see such (touch wood).


                  Should not scheduled scanning be enough for what you want and do a manual scan of the other disk whenever you want.


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                    Peter M

                    Until such time as we get a MAC section in Consumer I moved this to "Other McAfee Consumer Products".   That is is simply to prevent people with PC's getting confused by any instructions posted here.

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                      My last question was not resolved.  Now I have another similar problem.


                      When I setup a Scheduled Scan.  It would not start the Scheduled scan at the designated time.  I tried different time to start yet it did not.  It will perform a full scan or manual scan but not a Scheduled scan.  Why is this?


                      I began to wonder if McAfee is fully tested in a Mac environment!

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                        Here is where I need a MAC to answer this. In the window's version we have an area called navigation and in that a general settings and alerts area. In that area is an option to wait till Pc is idle before scanning. If that is unselected the scan starts on time. I assume the mac version has a similiar option or will have next version. Try scanning when all other programs idle . In windows it is set to any cpu usage > 10 % in any 10 minute period resets the test so it can take 2 hrs till it starts. At 2 hrs it should have the scan forced to start (hopefully)


                        So has the MAC version an option like above


                        Re your comment about last question I thought it was answered as there is no option to exclude external devices in a full scan as far as 1 see.


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                          Hi, Thanks for your reply.  There is no such option in my Mac Version (please see attachment below).

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