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    ePO 5 repository hierarchy


      Can anyone confirm if a repository hirearchy can be created in ePO 5?


      My intention was to deploy SuperAgents to downstream servers and then redirect clients to those downstream servers.

      But it seems that multiple levels of repositories can not be created so that agents pull updates from local sites.


      We assumed that this was an enhancement from v4.5/v4.6

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          What you describe here sounds like a simple distributed repository model, which you can absolutely do in ePO 5. (In fact you've been able to do this since ePO 3 )

          ePO 5 and MA4.8 allow you to expand on this by enabling a superagent to use another superagent as a source. (Previously distributed repositories only went one level deep, so each repository updated from the master.)


          I take it this isn't working for you - exactly what is failing?


          HTH -



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            McAfee Agent 4.8 documentation states:


            SuperAgent hierarchical updating

            The SuperAgents can now download content from other SuperAgents. The SuperAgent follows its policy and tries to connect

            to the repositories in the defined order. This saves bandwidth by minimizing the need of a client system to communicate on

            the WAN to download content updates.


            This new feature allows super agents to redirect to local repositories - is this conducted automatically?

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              May have found a resolution - A "McAfee Agent Repository policy" can be created and the repository list needs to be altered by 'Move to top' 'Move to bottom' - This requires testing ofcourse.

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                That's correct - you need to configure the policy for the superagent so that it can "see" the upstream repository that you want it to use.


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