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    EPO 4.6 - Table epoAvertLatestUpdates empty?


      Hello all,


      I'm writing a new (all in one) automated systems check application that covers many different systems that we have in our business.

      One of the checks is EPO..


      In the previous 4.5 version, - I could query two tables to return our Latest DAT version, Avert's Latest DAT version and date/time it was polled.



      SELECT * FROM dbo.EPOMasterCatalog WHERE ProductName='DAT' AND Branch='Current'

      SELECT * FROM epoAvertLatestUpdates


      In the new version 4.6 -  the EPOMasterCatalog still holds the our available DAT version, but EPOAvertLatestUpdates is empty??


      Using the EPO web portal, the master repository tab shows the My Repository and Avert versions..


      Please can anyone tell me if, EPO still stores this information locally on the Database, and where.. Or is it polled from the Avert servers and not held locally.


      If it is polled each time from the Avert servers, how can I get the latest DAT version number from the servers.


      Thanks in advance..



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          I run 4.6.1 build 1192 and i get the following if i run your SELECT * FROM epoAvertLatestUpdates SQL statement from the OSQL command prompt








              version                                            release_date    





              -------------------------------------------------- ----------------





              7145.0000                                          2013/07/23      





              5400.1158                                          2009/08/26      


          (2 rows affected)



          I know it's a bit messy but basically the table isn't empty.

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            Thanks for the reply Tristan, 

            I'm accessing the data through Sql server management Studio and querying the table direct.


            Your results is good news, that EPO should be storing the avert data in that table, I now just need to work out why its not stored in there on our system.



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              Laszlo G

              I just checked the SQL query Tristan told on my SQL Management Studio Express 2005 and I got this:




              But on my avertlabs dashboard I have this:




              So it looks like the avertlabs data is not stored anymore under this table?


              As for the 7007 DAT file appearing at the query result this can match the patch 5 o 4 upgrade to ePO 4.6 (now I'm on ePO 4.6.6)

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                Thanks for checking this guys,  does anyone know if there is an XML file on Avert / mcafee website that I can poll to retrieve the same information?


                All I need is to get the latest DAT info from Mcafee, and compare it against what is currently available on our server.

                Thanks in advance.



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                  SELECT ProductName, Version FROM EPOAvertContentUpdates WHERE ProductID = 'VSCANENG1000' OR ProductID = 'VSCANDAT1000'


                  This seems to produce similar results except for the date, which is not on the avertlabs dashboard anyway.

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                    I had the exact same problem as the original poster: We had a "HealthCheck" script that would query the EPO DB for the latest version of the DAT file. We used to get this version info from the epoAvertLatestUpdates table, but since DAT 6181, it doesn't look like EPO is using that table. As rackroyd suggested I changed our query to use EPOAverContentUpdates table, and everything is working great now.


                    SELECT Version FROM dbo.EPOAvertContentUpdates WHERE ProductID = 'VSCANDAT1000'