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      We have 2 servers which is running with VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8  Engine Version 5400 for storage. Those servers are in unmanaged from ePO. Till Yesterday we updated DAT file using Sdat.exe  manually.But Unfortunately from today It has stopped by Mcafee.


      We have plan to convert unmanaged to managed with next cycle window.Mean while I have below questions


      1.Shall I Install  7146xdat.exe  instead of SDAT on locally to the Net App Storage servers for running DAT up-to-date.


      2.Is that reboot require after installation?


      3.7146xdat.exe  is compatible with Engine Version 5400 which is currently running to the NAS server.


      4.Is there any impact for installation of  7146xdat.exe?


      Please revert back ASAP.