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    5600 Engine and DAT 7146 autoupdate error 'File V2engdet.mcs is corrupt'


      On two XP SP3 systems running  VSE 8.7i Patch 5 with manditory  hotfix HF777352 installed and system rebooted, I'm able to reproduce the error 'File V2engdet.mcs is corrupt' every time the Autoupdate process is run, using the public McAfee update servers.  Both systems successfully updated from the 5400 to 5600 engine and from DAT 7145 to 7146 earlier today, and both systems have been rebooted after today's new engine and DAT were installed.  Both systems were rebooted earlier today running the 5400 and DAT 7145, and neither system are low on disk space.


      Since all of my stand alone systems run Autoupdate every 2 hours, how much bandwitdth is the V2engdet.mcs re-downloading going to take, and will this error be resolved with Thu DAT 7147?  Is this a soft error or more critical error that may affect VSE performace?


      Other XP SP3 systems already running engine 5600 on VSE 8.8 Patch 2 are not encountering the 'File V2engdet.mcs is corrupt' with today's 7146 DAT.

      Also XP SP3 systems with Engine 5400 and Autoupdate configured to NOT update the engine succesfully updated today to DAT 7146 without the error message posted above.


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