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    Exteneded List -> Append from file...


      I have been loading a list with user defined categories into our webgateway, however we have a list now of over 5000 entries and we would like to be able to bulk add comments when we append from file or to the list after the new entrees have been loaded.  This will just make our lives easier instead of going through and opening each one up and copying and pasting the comments.


      http xxxxtest.com * 9107

      http yyyytest.com * 9107

      http zzzztest.com * 9107


      I tried this but it failed:


      http xxxxtest.com * 9107 "My Comments"

      http yyyytest.com * 9107 "My Comments"

      http zzzztest.com * 9107 "My Comments"


      Thank you,