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      I just installed Spytech SpyAgent to better monitor where my son goes  and what he types on his computer, but McAfee Security Center 11.6  (updated 05/16/13) with anti-virus DAT file dated 07/20/13 is  quarantining the sysdiag.exe file as a potential Trojan without giving  me the ability to trust the file. This troubles me, as this particular  build of this .exe file is dated 07/18/12, more than one year prior to  this latest McAfee anti-virus DAT file.


      I was able to download  and run the installation file for SpyAgent with Real-Time Scanning  running, but the sysdiag.exe file was immediately quarantined. I turned  off Real-Time Scanning, restored the file, and was able to get the  monitoring software to function. As soon as Real-Time Scanning was  re-enabled, it shut down the monitoring and quarantined the file.