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      After upgrading EEPC from 5.2.9 to 5.2.12 , on our laptops, i  am getting an error message  while synching -


      "0xe0050004 the wrong version of Endpoint Encryptoin for PC is currently active"


      any suggestions?


      does EEM need to be upgraded?

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          You should have upgraded eem first - can you give a summary of how you upgraded your clients?

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            Our EEM version reads

            on the clients - 5.2.9 was the existing client. From there we ran a install of 5.2.12. It seemed to upgrade with no issues until it sync's on the desktop.

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              Yes, that's to be expected then - you can't upgrade by installing a new version manually, you upgrade by modifying the settings within eem itself, then the clients download the new files and upgrade themselves.


              There is a chapter on upgrade within the eepc admin guide - that explains how to upgrade properly.