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    How to remove a virus when mcafee with latest updates cannot detect it ?

      Hey recently i had an issue which was as follows.

      I have win xp and mcafee security centre fully updated. whenever i booted the computer it worked fine for a few minutes. then it will slow down to almost half its normal speed. cpu usage is minimal memory usage is minimal gpu usamge is minimal infact from all monitoring software that i tried it would appear my system is almost in idle state.

      However when i run a video it would run so slow it impossible to understand what is being said. when i run a game the games that normally run on 100+ fps would run on 20 fps. my cursor at windows screen would leave a trail if i move it around as if its moving in slow motion. At first this problem came after half hour or an hour after rebooting it would get fixed but eventually it came to the point that it would start at login screen, and i could tell from the logon music of windows that my pc is LAGGING.


      i ran mcafee and some malware and spyware software but nothing was wrong. so i came to the conclusion it is some virus which mcafee is unable to detect.


      I resolved the problem finally by formatting my hardrive and installing fresh copy of windows but is this the only solution when iam paying annually for mcafee ?