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    j_security_check Invalid Credentials


      We are using ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 and Patch 5 (  Everything was working fine and as usual.  The next day when we tried to login to our epo console the authentication failed even with the Admin & Global accounts.


      After a login attempt the URL changes      from     https://ePoServer:8443/core/orionSplashScreen.do     to      https://ePoServer:8443/core/j_security_check      and shows as Invalid Credentials.


      We are not able to open https://localhost:8443/core/config to test connection.  Its not working too.


      Trying to check the Orion log.  I understand "j_security_check" is a servlet, form based authentication built into a web app container implemented in apache tomcat webserver.  "j_security_check" checks the user/password of the login page and if they are valid, it creates a "LoginContext", and then redirects the user to the originally-requested page.


      ePO 4.5 Patch 5 ( uses

      Apache Version          2.2.9

      Tomcat Version          5.5.30

      Java Version          1.6.0_21


      How to deal with this? Any ideas?

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          Apologies if this sounds obvious, but what you describe is exactly what we would expect to see if incorrect credentials were supplied. Are we 100% certain that the correct usernames and passwords are being used?

          If you restart the ePO services, and try again, do you get the same problem?


          Thanks -



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            Hi Joe


            Thanks for the reply.  This was similar.  The credentials we were providing were right.  We have 1 admin account and 5 global accounts where access has been removed to 5 global accounts and this has been informed late.  This is because there has been vse 8.8 deployment on the network and we have issues with some production servers and senior enigneers are working on it with the admin account.