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    Authentication Proxys Windows

      I have a problem with some machines of my actived directory, there are some computers that have not changed the password to windows and being asked to enter the key, for me between internet I have to put my user name and password, you because I get this box for authentication if you must take it from windows.


      This problem happens to many PC from my AD, as I can fix this or there is someone who already has happened and I can explain


      Anyone can help me

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          which kind of authentication do you use? NTLM? NTLM Agent? LDAP? Kerberos?

          what is the product and version you use?


          Usually not changing the password for a long time should not cause an issue with integrated authentication unless the password is "expired".


          I would recommend to also file a ticket with technical support, as for solving specific issues support is a much better source, while the community is better for general discussions.