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    Drop All From External IP's


      I have read some posts about wanting to change the Deny All rule to a Drop All.  I also understand that doing this causes things like DNS etc. to stop working.  I see the want for this and would like to do it myself so that network scans etc. do not get any response back.  I am wondering if you create a rule just above the Deny All rule that is a Drop All from only the External interface what kind of impact would it have?  Would it break things like VPN connections etc?  I am just thinking if the traffic was initiated externally and didn't match any rule, would it be OK to just drop the packets.  I am curious to know if anyone has tried this or knows what kind of impact it would have.  Thanks for your feedback!

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          The rule that you want to create does sound like the correct route to go, take a look at this KB article. It is actually for an upgrade from a previous product version, but most of it will apply.


          Firewall Enterprise/Sidewinder/Secure Firewall 7.x: HA communication or NTP/DNS queries fail after upgrading from Classic/TSP to Firewall Enterprise KB64684



          Note: if you create the drop rule and it is not matching the traffic, try setting a redirect for the rule. There are times where traffic with a destination of the firewall may not match a rule unless it has a redirect. If this is the case for you then I would suggest contacting support to report that.



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            I will do some testing with it and see what happens.