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    Give Access to "MEG 7.5 Message Search" in ePO 4.6.6


      Trying to give access to the "MEG 7.5 Message Search" function to another support group in my company without giving them ePO Admin access to the console.


      I can't seem to get this to work short of making them 'global administrator'


      I've used the 'Global Reviewer' permission set and added:


      McAfee Email Gateway 7.5: View settings

      Registered Servers >> McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 : View, create and edit registered servers


      When they logon, under Menu > Gateway Potection they see:


      • "Email and Web Gateway"
      • "EWS 5.6 DLP and Compliance"
      • "MEG 7.5 Common Settings" 


      but do not get to access "MEG 7.5 Message Search"


      Help appreciated.

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          Hi there.


          I guess a late response is better than no response. I just recently ran into issue with an customer that I was working with. To my surprise after doing some digging I found the steps to add the privileges in the under the help question mark in the ePO. The steps are outlined below:



          Message Search overview

          Use this feature to search for email messages that have passed to the DATA phase on your appliance.

          From within McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, Message Search provides you with a convenient method to search for email messages across one or more of your registered McAfee Email Gateway appliances.

          Note To view and use the Message Search features from within the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator extension, users must have the following configured:


          • Email and Web Gateway:


          As a minimum, you must have the following privileges configured:

          • McAfee Email Gateway 7.6.0: — View policy and task settings
          • Registered servers: — McAfee Email Gateway 7.6.0: View registered servers
          • Email and Web Gateway: — Allow Auto-Login to Console

          Note If the appliance has not received the message body, the message cannot be found in Message Search. For example, if an email message is blocked by the Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBLs), the appliance will not have received the message body. In this situation, use Reports | Email Reports from the McAfee Email Gateway to find further information about this email message.

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            Moved from ePO to the MEG group too.

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              Thanks rarafa, I didn't even think to go look in the MEG section of the help extentions...


              I created a new permission set in ePO with only the rights mentioned in your post and tested, it works like a charm.


              Simply gotta make sure you entered 'console credentials' when you registered MEG with ePO, otherwise it won't work.