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    8.7i and 8.8 clients not listed in EPO server (but DAT files are updating fine)





      My site is using predominantly 8.7i clients (on Windows XP SP3) and there are a handful of 8.8 clients as well. All the connected clients are connected to an EPO server (managed by another vendor) where the virus DAT files are being pushed down.



      Problem I'm facing is that there are some 8.7i clients and 8.8 clients which are listed in the EPO server but there are a majority of 8.7i clients are NOT listed in the EPO server. All those connected clients (regardless of whether it's 8.7i or 8.8) have updated DAT files being pushed from the server.


      1) My logic is that if those DAT files can be pushed down and updated from the EPO server, why are those particular clients not listed in the EPO server?


      2) My team had uninstalled 2 8.7i clients (via command line) and installed 8.8 in them. But still those machines are not listed in the EPO server. Is there any other thing which I can troubleshoot at the client end?


      Answers/tips much appreciated. Thanks!

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          First step would be to check the agent.


          In the 'McAfee Agent Activity Log' does your ePO server name appear at the top? http://<computername>:8081



          or in the agent log C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\DB\Agent_XXXX.xml are there any lines like


          <Log component="4" time="2013-07-17T14:01:12" type="3">Checking update packages from repository ePO_<YOUREPOSERVER>.</Log>


          If you can work out how the agent is controlling the update process then you'll have a better idea where the computer might be. If it's definitly not in ePO the the computer might be pulling DATs via a UNC repo that has been manually configured. If line above is in the agent logs then it's doing an ASIC and will definitly be in ePO just hidden away in the lost and found folder may be.


          Just another question are your XP deployements cloned/imaged? and if yes did you install the agent into the 'golden' image before deploying?


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