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    How to migrate ePO 4.6.1: Windows Server 2003 + SQL Server 2005 to Windows Server 2008 + SQL Server 2008

    Freddy Medina

      Hi there ...


      I need to migrate ePO server 4.6.1 to a new Windows Server. Actually, I have it in a Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005 and ePO 4.6.1 with several functionalities installed, like:

      - EndPoint Encryption

      - VirusScan Enterprise

      - Host Intrusion Prevention


      The objective is migrate its configuration to a new brand new server with more resources and Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008.


      Naturally, i need to keep the same configurations to do not compromise workstations status (I have encrypted workstations). If you provide me a step-by-step procedures to do this, it'll be ver helpful to accomplish the migartion successfully.


      Very thankful for your help.