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    Throughput for M-2850 sensor


      Hi All,


      When we say that the  through-put for M-2850 is 600 Mbps, does that mean that total traffic flowing across all the ports(8 GE-Copper and 12 SFP ports) working in any operating modes(SPAN,TAP or in-line) cannot exceed 600Mbps at any time???


      Quick reply on this would be highly appreciated.





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          that is correct.  total system throughput is combined scanning capability across all monitoring ports.


          however, when enabling additional features (layer 7, ssl decrypt, application identification, etc.) the capable throughput begins to drop.


          you *could* exceed 600 mbps (or determined total throughput), but obviously you risk dropped alerts, system instability, dropped packets, link errors, etc.  which is obviously bad and worse if monitoring inline.


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