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    SafeBoot decrypt/remove without token on safeboot server - Machine Error:0xe0050001

      My Dell laptop has Safeboot installed and everything was fine until a virus attack. Now when I power on the laptop,

      I am only getting a SafeBoot dialog box with the title 'SafeBoot Error' and with the contents


      SafeBoot is not installed

      and with an 'OK' button.


      My IT folks found that the option to recover it is by decrypting/removing using a Wintech recovery bootable disk.  It requires 2 things, an authorization code which can be obtained from McAfee and a systemkey information to authenticate.

      When looked on the safeboot server for the machine's token,it’s not there anymore.  The token might have been removed during a database cleanup performed over a 1 month period.

      They even checked the deleted folder, but couldn't find it there.


      We have tried everything possible, aside from sending the hard drive out for data recovery, which at this time is too expensive. 

      Any other suggestions that we could use to recover the data?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks much!