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    New infos for Skype detection with MWG7 proxy?




      I wonder if there are new infos concerning  Skype detection in a MWG7 proxy based internet connection.


      We need a solution for allowing  Skype through MWG (V7.2.0.8)  proxy   for some users.

      Because Skype has some typical network behaviour even in proxy environment and

      since most network based (NG-) firewalls can detect skype traffic I think it should be possible to solve this.


      In the moment we use a very simple SSL-Scanner ruleset part for Skype separation:





      Membership of group PowerUsers comes from  NTLM authentication.


      Of course, this disables SSL scanning for more than just Skype connections.


      Is there a better solution?


      Best regards,


      Michael Ardes