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    introducing a 2nd ePO server


      Hi all,


      currently have a 4.6.6 ePO server running perfectly here in our main office (UK) to which our global client base is reporting to.  We have had issues with some of our australian PC's and Macs and in some cases replicating distributed repositories down to Australia.


      What I thought, was introducing a second ePO server, which would have all the australia clients on it and let that be managed by our tech staff down in Australia thus hopefully resolving our issue and providing a bit more functionality for them.


      The issue is, I still require the server in the UK to be the main server, and the server down in australia almost like a slave.


      It may seem a pointless exercise, but out Aussie colleagues often experience issues logging in to our UK server to perform their necessary tasks!


      I just wondered whether something like this was possible.  I understand they'd have their DB to manage which isn't an issue.

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          Not really tbh.


          Things you can do however might be:


          1) Keep control of the Global admin account(s) for this remote ePO server and make the local staff Site Admins. This restricts what they can perform on the installation based on the assigned permission sets.

          2) Register the remote server with UK-based one. this does not provide you control, but will for example allow you to roll-up the events and run reports on data held on both servers. Look up 'rollup querying' in the ePO product guide for more about that.