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    NTLM and NTLM Cache questions


      For Authentication we use NTLM in our MWG (Version in a cluster with 4 MWG (WS5500)


      Normaly we have about 3req/sec answered by NTLM and 50req/sec answered by NTLM Cache.

      Yesterday we had a timeframe from about 3 hours with the following values

      100req/sec answered by NTLM and about 40req/sec answered by NTLM cache.

      This was shown on 2 of our 4 proxies.

      During this timeperiod we had very slow internet performance.


      I don't have any idea why this happened?

      Any Idea?

      I added Hardcopys with the statistic graphs


      Proxy 2 is the proxies holding the VIP.

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          Hi Frank,


          I have to admit that I don't have a good idea what may have caused this behaviour, but I wanted to make sure that you file a service request with technical support and attach the graphs and if possible feedbacks from both machines. It may be required to gather additional data such as log files to proof what is happening here.


          In case the issue should occur again I recommend to immediatly create a feedback on the affected systems and - if possible - fetch a tcpdump for a minute (just to have the situation "captured" if required later).




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            I already opened a SR (3-3188589073)