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    Locked out admin in Control Center 5.3.1


      Our Control Center uses Active Directory authentication and I had a couple of failed authentication attempts and got locked out.  I have made sure that I am now getting the password right (on the AD server) but CC still has me locked out.


      cc_log0.1.txt:WARNING: Possible login attempt by locked user: burger

      cc_log0.1.txt:FINEST: Auditing: action 'U', user 'burger', object 'Login', ticket 'null'

      cc_log0.1.txt:FINEST: User "burger" will not be authenticated using the fallback authentication method.

      cc_log0.1.txt:FINEST: Authentication FAILED for user "burger".

      cc_log0.1.txt:FINEST: Auditing: action 'U', user 'burger', object 'Login', ticket 'null'


      I have also locked out the ‘admin’ user because we almost never use it and the password I had recorded for it didn’t work.  I do, however, have full command line access so is there a way for me to unlock these accounts from the command line?