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    Anti-Theft does not work with Dropbox

      Hi all,


      I just purchased 1 year subscription for Anti-Theft.


      Installation went well, but after the service has been started Dropbox got crazy. It is still indexing some files generating 100% CPU usage. Obviously it is not willing to finish it (I was waiting for more than 5 hours), even though I disabled Files Encryption feature just after installation. Rebooting OS did not help, but uninstalling Anti-Theft made Dropbox to finish its job. My guess it is related somehow to files encryption features. Unfortunately there is no way to disable it during installation (it is still inexplicable to me why I am fored to use it, even if you use hard disk encryption of other files encryption methods). It might be related to the fact I'm using Boxcryptor for most files kept on Dropbox. I tried to disable Files Encryption features as fast as I can after installation, but you need to do it from web console, so it takes some times after it syncs and in the meantime some BoxCryptor-encrypted files are encrypted by Anti-Theft (what a stupid thing) and I think it makes Dropbox to get into some loop.


      Does anyone of you has some idea how to install McAfee Anti-Theft with Files Encryption features totally disabled ? Any tips how to make it working with Dropbox and BoxCryptor ?


      on 7/15/13 6:56:06 AM CDT
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          Peter M

          There may ba a clash between encrypting engines here, but I honestly can't be sure.


          Until an AT expert drops in here you might want to at least start a case with AT dedicated support listed in the Announcement at the top of the main AT section or...


          From Poland, dial 800-702-668
          Language: Polish
          Support hours: 09:30 - 12:30 Local, Monday - Friday


          Z Polski, wybierz numer 800-702-668, poczakaj na zgloszenie operatora.
          Jezyk: Polski
          Godziny pracy: 9.30 – 12.30, od poniedzialku do piatku.
          Jezyk: Angielski
          Godziny pracy: 24 godziny, 7 dni w tygodniu, 365 dni w roku

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            Peter M

            Another thought, are you using other McAfee software?  Firewall in particular?


            If so open SecurityCenter and click Web and Email Protection then Firewall


            Go down to Internet Connections for Programs and expand


            (Hint: click the word "Program" at the top and it will arrange them alphabetically)


            Locate Dropbox and click Edit


            Make sure Full permission is granted and turn OFF Net Guard.


            See if that helps.





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              Peter M

              I mentioned this to a manager and he uses Dropbox and says that Dropbox itself is a huge resource hog until it's finished encrypting everything.    He says it shouldn't be a clash between the 2 software s but support would be the best avenue to troubleshoot this.

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                Ideally Drop box and Anti-Theft should not create any problem. Since you are experiencing high CPU consumption, I would say this may be an unique case.

                Since both Anti-Theft and Drop Box involves some amount of encryption, it could have been overlapped or consumed some CPU cycles. We will investigate on this issue further in detail.


                For an immidiate solution for your problem, may be you can try either of the below approach.

                - Turn off Anti-theft encryption feature from the web console

                - Move the drop box directory from MyDocuments to some other folder.