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    Caveat Emptor:  This product is not ready for distribution on Windows 8

      So... I receive my shiny new laptop back in Jan.  It is so sweet and innocent, but very pretty...  So pretty that I want to protect it from the malcontents lurking the local coffee houses looking for unattended beauties.


      Well, Intel AT Service promises the protection.  I go months without an issue, but then my free trial comes to an end, and I realize that coffee houses have really beefed up their security.  So, AT Service is no longer needed.  I go to uninstall, and do the normal thing you do when you want to uninstall a program from any MS operating system.  Control panel > Select the program > Select Uninstall....  but wait, what is this?  Am I sure I want to continue?  YEP, click on Yes.. Now, it says it won't work try again.  Ok, so I do...  NO dice.


      HoneyBadger don't care, and I haven't had any problems with this service anyway, so I just leave it alone and go on my merry way. 


      About a week later, I go to boot up my baby, and my heart starts beating quicker... a blue... wait black screen of death????  Wait, it is telling me that my computer hasn't connected to the internet in a while, and the AT Service kicked in.  Please enter your passcode.  Wait, I never put in a passcode.  I try a bunch of variations anyway.  Of course that failed.  So I notice this other option, which is to put in a validation code..  I have no clue what it is talking about, but there are 26 characters here that don't make any sense at all.  I look to the bottom, and it says to contact Mcafee.com.  Ok, will do...  Lets give Tech Support a call.  *the sound of rolling dice*


      While I talk, I play my favorite game of who's smarter.  Google or the technician on the phone...  I find a couple of blogs that seem to offer the advice that I seek.  Mcaffee service technician is still argueing that this is not a Mcafee product, and I need to call Intel.???  I say thanks, but there is the web console piece that I found and just finishing up to unlock the computer myself....  Woot Woot..  Love that feeling of fixing something.


      On my merry way, when 3 days later... boom...  Again with this?  WTH?  I know, I will go to the Web Console again.  Couple of minutes later, all good.  Only problem is I have to march all over the house to use another computer since I am locked out.  This keeps happening for a few more months, about every 3-10 days (it is never consistent), and I stay frosty.


      Then about a week ago, I got my regular blackscreen.  Just boot up my other rig, and.....  *sound of record screeching* ... Mcafee's website is changed.  Why doesn't my computer show up on here anymore?  Where is my Web Console?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo.....  I try a cached version of the site from my cell phone, and it still had the web console up, so I am good to go again in just a few minutes.  But I better get this software off my computer...  Uninstall time....  Nope, No dice again!  Google will help...  But Google gives many warnings about how tampering with this software is dangerious.  You see, it encrypts your data, and if you use a 3rd party tool to rip the software off of the computer, you will never see your data again.  Blog after blog of people being burned, or frustrated by the process of long distance help centers.


      No other option now kids, I have to get help from someone.  So I turn to you blog page. 


      Also, if you are reading this prior to installing this service, look to the blogs.  So many people with the same exact issue should tell you something about the product.  Wait for it to get full tested before released!!!!



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