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    LinuxShield 1.7 and Backup Exec


      I'm having an issue with backing up my Linux systems using Backup Exec 2012 ralus agent with LinuxShield 1.7 installed.  I have LinuxShield set to only scan on write but it scans every file as it is being backuped by Backup Exec ralus agent.  It will even scan files if it is not being backed if it is being read by Backup Exec (for Incremental backups etc).  For a full backup with the nails service stopped my backups take 4 hours.  With the nails service running it takes 9+ hours.  Any suggestions? 

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          Update:  I am now running Linuxshield 1.9 (updated from 1.7) and am still seeing the same issues.  I posted this on the Symantec Forums and got a response from one of the BE support people asking if I would be able to exclude scanning for files being accessed by the beremote process (which is the Backup exec ralus agent on the linux system).  Does anyone know if this is possible?


          I am only scanning on write and even though I am not restoring files linuxshield scans every file that beremote (ralus agent) accesses.