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    Visual c++


      Once again


      I am trying to install in a w server 2003 the epo 4.6.6, but now i alrady install sql server2005 express and then the set up program of epo tells me to install  visual 2005 c++ rp sp1, 2008 c++ rp e 2010 sp1 rp.

      I already did the installation but if i go to add and remove programs i saw this programs installed but, epo set up tells me always the same: i have to install visual 2005 c++ sp1 rp and 2008.


      Whats happen??

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          The ePO installer should install these packages for you if they are missing - is this not happening? Can you attach the install msi log?


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            Is not happening nothing: cant isntall those packages also sql express server.

            Now i have installed sql server express and now he tell that i have to install sp3 for 2005,

            Can you want msi log yet? By the way were can i find it?

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              The file is called ePO460-Install-MSI.log, and is usually located in your %TEMP% folder, in a subfolder called McAfeeLogs.


              However - do you mean that you cannot install those packages manually? If not, then the ePO installer will not be able to install them either, and you would need to troubleshoot the installation of the C++ runtimes separately - possibly you'll need to talk to Microsoft.


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