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    Agent failed to communicate with ePO Server




      I am currently running a split level ePO configuration, where my ePO orchestrator is installed on one server, and my SQL on another. I am currently running ePO 4.5.6(Build 137). Many of the agents are failing to communicate with the ePO server. They will receive policies, DATs, etc, but they are unable to send events to the server. I recently upgraded the server from 2003 to 2008, but I used the same IP, FQDN, etc. I've checked the ports, and everything seems to be in place.


      In the Server.log I see the following:


      Invalid request received from computer <SERVER> with GUID {GUID}      ----I have ensure there is no duplicate GUID

      Failed to process agent request, trigger agent exponential retry


      I have attached the Agent log under Program Data as well.



      Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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