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    VSE DAT Deployment reports very inaccurate

      Hi all -


      We are seeing some big inconsitencies in the reporting on our DAT levels. The best way I can illustrate it is here:




      (Ignore the number of non compliant agent communications, we are in the process of psuhing out the epo agent to our estate).


      As you can see, we have 1836 agents (all running VSE) compliant and communicating, however only 1217 are actually having their DAT levels reported via ePO. Going into the system tree to identify those managed agents not showing a DAT Version, and the number with no DAT version listed correlates:


      system tree.jpg

      When i drill into each of these agents and look at the product proerties for VSE it does show DAT levels in the szDATVersion field. Anyone got any ideas why this is?




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