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    license key epo


      Hi guys! Say if my EPO key expired and was renewed would that stop VSE from working? And if my key's been renewed and there is 2 keys when I login with my grant number which one would still work?

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          Laszlo G

          Even if your key has expired your products will still work but ePO won't download any new DAT or updates from McAfee's site.


          For the two different keys, if they are attached to the same time of suite for example EPS) then you can use any of them but if they are attached to different suites then I think they will have differente software associated to them (fo the software manager)

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            Aaah ok thanks laszlo, let me explain what i found this morning..


            My client renewed their key recently. Everything still working great but not seeing threats if report is run for past week. I ran report 2 months back and then got some threats, this was before their key was renewed. So I logged in with my grant number, copy the key thats different from the one currently in EPO and replace the new key with the old key. Restart services run report from past week and picked up threats. So I figured reason why it was not picking up threats was because of most recent license key not entered into EPO, even though the old was still there licensed for exactly the same products.

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              Laszlo G

              That's strange because if two epo keys appear under a valid Grant Number then both should work.


              In fact as you say ePO didn't stop registering threat events because after restarting services you were able to run a query for the "lost" data. Maybe someone else could explain it a bit more but I don't think it's related to the ePO key

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                Yep exactly what i thought. I picked up last week that no threats showed for "Top 10 Detected threats past 24 hours" and that I didnt receive any alerts on unhandled threats as originally set up in EPO. Thats when I started expecting something is wrong. So this morning I ran query to show detected threats 2 months back and saw last detection was middle June. I thought to myself, well the only thing that changed inbetween this time was the client renewed their license. So I logged in with my grant number and saw 2 license keys showing on login, compared the 2 and used the one that changed, and voila threats was showing again. Is this the normal procedure?

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                  Laszlo G

                  Well you can try to make a test putting back the old epo key and see if you still can query these threats or not...?

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                    yep i can but leaving as is for now, its working