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    EPO 5 Replication Question


      I have 1 EPO server in NY and I want another in India.  I setup the NY and in system tree I have it the way I want,  How do I replicate this to the Indian EPO server?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi dtsteinb, you can rollup data, share tasks and policies between different servers but I think you cannot replicate software repository from an ePO server to another one.


          If you want to have a distributed repository in India that will replicate to NY then you only need to deploy McAfee Agent from your ePO to a server in India and then convert it to superagent

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            Ok, thanks but I aa little confused with the Superagent.  I convert all to super agents or just like 1 machine?  When I converted My Organization to super agents all the machines started to appear in Distributed Repository.

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              Laszlo G

              Well no, you just only need one computer as superagent per site (or two if you need a failover). First of all you have to modify your mcAfee Agent policy for all computers stop being superagents and then set a policy for a server of your chice in the remote site to become superagent.


              Once it's a superagent you'll have to set a replication task (under server tasks) and modify the McAfee Agent repository policy for this site so all computers there will check updates and product packages under their assigned distributed repository