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    Problems/Questions with VSE Policies in ePo




      sorry for my bad english, it is not my motherstongue .


      We run a ePo 4.6.4 managed McAfee environment with Agent 4.8, EEPC 7.0.1, DLP 9.3 and VSE 8.8 being deployed.


      Now I tried the following:


      I have made a new test-group and I only changed the VSE policy which manages the VirusScan-Console to be password protected, since we plan to make it a global setting in our domain.

      So I activated that policy just for that group.


      I've put 2 testmachines into that group, one with Windows 8 Enterprise (x64) and one with Windows XP SP3 (x86). I deployed the full package to both machines, everything is fine.

      But the VirusScan-Console was still unprotected. I am logged in with an admin-domain-account to both machines.


      So I started to try around a bit. I tried the option "change the policy just for one system" for both machines. Now the Windows 8 machine has a locked interface, the XP machine still hasn't.

      Also the Windows 8 machine show managed tasks in the console all of a sudden. All the other machines don't.


      I don't understand what the problem is. Is there somethin I have missed?


      My ePo interface is in german, so sorry if you may do not recognise the appropriate setting in your ePo.


      Any suggestions? Any more infos needed? I would really appreciate some help here.


      Thank you