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    Default Gateways


      Hi there,

      I'm trying to use Primary and Secondary default gateways, however I would like to know the following.


      1.- While using Primary/Secondary default gateways, once the secondary default gateway takes place to be used to route traffic (due alink problem on the 1st default gateway). What happens if the 1st default gateway (originally use) is recovered. Does the firewall swaps to the original default gateway?Or simple keeps using the secondary default gateway?.


      thank you !

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          In the scenario you described, the firewall will keep using the seconary default gateway. This was done to prevent a situation where the primary and secondary default routes flip flop themselves in the case of a networking issue. I found this in the man page for cf route:


          man cf_route


              Once a backup default route is configured, the ispd daemon monitors the

               state and status of the default route.  If a loss of connectivity is

               detected the ISP daemon will change the default route to the backup

               default route.  When the default route becomes available again, the

               adminstrator may initiate a switch back to it by use of the cf route

               reset_default command.  No automatic fail-back will be performed.


          Command to reset:


          cf route reset_default




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            Thank you Matt,


            Have a great day !