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    Allow sites which are getting blocked 'media type not detected'


      Dear All,


      We have web gateway appliances with 7.3.2. I have a rule 'media type not detected and action is block page', Now there are certain sites which we know are trustable and they also do not fall under URL categories which we have blocked but we are facing disturbance for them as they are getting blocked with message ' Media Type not detected', my intension is to keep the media type rule enabled but at the same need to workout a solution to allow certain those sites which we think are ok but they are presently getting blocked with media type rule.


      Please advise how to tell media type rule that those sites are ok. Please note I also want to keep the rule enabled so any media type really unwanted should remain blocked.


      the two sites are:

      www.hamariweb.com, i checked it on trustedsource.org and it falls under portal sites (not a URL blocked category at our company)

      http://eservices.wmn.gov.sa:8081/eservices/ittikaf/reg_seasonal_isolated.php, I checked this also falls under government sites (not a URL blocked category at our company)


      but the two should not be blocked with 'media type rule'


      Kindly help...