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    EPO 5


      I am just setting this up.  I created a laptop policy for repository and it has no assignments.  How do I assign this to my laptop node in system tree?

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          Under system tree select desired system. at the bottom click ACTION >Agent>Modify policy on a single system> Select the product policy>Edit assignment herer.


          @nd you can also do it from Manue>Policy>Policy assignment.

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            To assign the policy to any laptops that are under your laptop subgroup automatically, go to that group, and click on 'Assigned Policies' at the top.  Choose 'McAfee Agent' from the 'Products' drop down list, and on the right of the Repository policy that's assigned by default, you can choose 'Edit Assignment'. 


            Select to break inheritance, and then you can choose your custom policy from the drop down list.