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    Anti Theft still working after uninstalling!!

      months ago (december 2012), I installed McAfee anti theft  trial and the standard configuration is it will be automatically lock the computer for every 21 days.


      then I uninstalled the software and I delete all the registry remained with CCleaner, but turns out that the AT is still working!!! it's still automatically locked my computer for every 21 days!!


      now I can't reinstall the software to change the configuration since my trial period is OVER. It means that I am trapped with this AUTO-LOCK FOREVER AND I HAVE TO INPUT THE PASSWORD WHENEVER THE Anti THEFT LOCKED MY COMPUTER!!!


      I've spoken with the mcAfee technical support both via chat or phone but NONE HELPING!! seems like no one understand the problem.

      So I'm posting here, kinda desperate and ask for help from everyone who may have the same problem.


      (the last time I logged on http://home.mcafee.com , there's no more setting menu for McAfee anti theft, where did they go??)


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