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    HIPs Core service


      McAfee docs refer scantly to this service as far as I can see. It is apparently , to quote from a doc, 'manually started by the IPS service"


      What function does this hips core service have? On a recent scan I saw that only about 1/3 of my systems that are running the service. Thanks!

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          Kary Tankink

          For HIPS 7.0: HIPSCore is a service, similar to McAfee Validation Trust Protection service, that is used with the main HIPS service for system protection.  These services must be running in order for the main HIPS service to properly protect the system. 


          It's similar to the McAfee FireCore service in HIPS 8.0.

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            Thanks for the helpful comment, but what I really need to know is , why is it started on some systems and not on others? What occurs that initiates it being started up?